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Gooch & Housego Ltd.


MapDowlish Ford
Somerset TA19 0PF
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 1460 256440
G&H is a world leader in optical designing, testing, and manufacturing. As experts in the technology of light, G&H works with customers to provide optical systems, assemblies, and components for demanding applications.

Headquartered in Ilminster Somerset, UK with primary operations in the USA and Europe, G&H is recognized for the breadth of their acousto-optic, electro-optic, crystal-optic, fibre optic, and precision optic products. G&H is recognised as the preferred source for OEMs in the life sciences, industrial, and aerospace and defence industries, with a history of quality and excellence that dates back seventy-five years.

Acousto-optics from Gooch & HousegoAcousto-Optics
  Beam Deflectors
  Fiber-Q® Fiber Coupled Modulators
 Frequency Shifters 
  Multi Channel Modulators
  Pulse Pickers and Cavity Dumpers
  Tunable Filters
  RF Drivers

Crystal Optics
  LiN wafers
  Nonlinear optics
electro optics from gooch and housego  PPLN

  Pockels cells and drivers
  LN Q-Switches

Fiber Optics
  Benchtop laser controllers
fiber optics from gooch and housego   DFB lasers and modules
  Fiber optic components
  Erbium-doped fiber amplifiers 
  High speed detectors
  Pump lasers
  OCT and fiber optic assemblies

Precision Optics
precision optics from gooch and housego  
Precision prisms 
  Corner cubes
  Precision lenses
  Infrared lens assemblies
  Precision Mirrors
  Synchrotron mirrors
  Plate and cube beamsplitters
  Windows and optical flats
  Superpolished SROC
  Ring laser gyroscope components
systems from G&H   Infrared optics
  Optical Domes
  Telecom optics

  Complex optomechanical assemblies
  Contract manufacturing medical and life sciences systems  
  Electro-optic sighting systems/periscopes
  Lens assemblies for imaging the infrared
Established: 1948
Employees: 1000
Ownership type: Publicly Traded Stock
Mark Webster, CEO
Paul Morris, VP Sales

Company News
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