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Liquid Crystal Light Valves

A liquid crystal light valve is a device that uses the properties of liquid crystals to control the level of illumination passing through an optical system.

The Photonics Buyers' Guide is a comprehensive resource for verified providers of Liquid Crystal Light Valves. Profiles and contact information for manufacturers and suppliers are provided by the companies and verified by our editors. If you have updated information about any of the organizations listed, please contact us.
  • liquid crystal light valve A liquid crystal light valve (LCLV), also known as a spatial light modulator (SLM), is an optical device that modulates the intensity, phase, or polarization of light passing through it using liquid crystal technology. LCLVs consist of a layer of...
  • liquid crystal Liquid crystals are a state of matter that exhibits properties intermediate between those of conventional liquids and solid crystals. In a liquid crystal, the molecules are ordered like those in a crystal, but they can still flow like a liquid. This...
  • liquid crystal display An alphanumeric display formed by a layer of liquid crystal material sandwiched between two sheets of glass; a transparent conductive coating on the glass is etched to form the character segments. An applied voltage causes the appropriate segments...
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