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Nyfors Teknologi AB

NYFORS Teknologi AB

MapSolkraftsvagen 12
SE-135 70 Stockholm
Phone: +46 8 712 1021
Fax: +46 8 712 3711
NYFORS is your innovative supplier of advanced glass processing and preparation equipment for specialty optical fiber splicing operations. We supply reliable and precise solutions tailored to the individual challenges of our customers. Our highly automated systems lead to consistent, high yield production for both high and low volume.

Our portfolio currently includes: CO2 laser splicing and glass shaping equipment, automatic systems for fiber preparation, fiber-end and window stripping, high precision cleavers and optical fiber recoaters as well as proof testers and cleave check interferometers.

nyfors automatic fiber cleaverAutomatic fiber cleaving
The AUTOCLEAVER™ series is a comprehensive product platform with various models for cleaving standard and LD optical fibers, all based on our proven and patented tension and scribe cleaving process.

nyfors optical fiber recoatingOptical fiber recoating
NYFORS produces fast and flexible recoaters for high and low index applications. Easy to change recoating material and to switch between different fiber coating dimensions.

Glass processing and tanyfors glass processingpering
Flexible laser glass processing for taper production. Consistent high quality production results, completely clean and contamination free heat source with low maintenance requirements.

nyfors end cap splicingEnd cap splicing
Precision laser glass processing for fiber to end-cap splicing. Clean and contamination free heat source with low maintenance requirements.

nyfors cleave quality inspectionCleave quality inspection
High precision interferometers for checking the quality of cleaved optical fibers and for cleave process optimization. Crisp and clear fringe patterns and software with advanced measurement functionality.

nyfors automatic fiber prepAutomatic fiber preparation
Stripping and fiber preparation systems that remove acrylate coatings and eliminate fiber residue with preserved fiber strength and integrity through a completely automatic process.

nyfors optical fiber proofOptical fiber proof testing
Automatic equipment for production verification and breaking strength testing of optical fibers. Linear and mandrel strength testing functionality.

Nyfors fiber collection
Established: 1987
Ownership type: Privately Owned
Erik Bottcher, CEO

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