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Opto Diode Corporation
An ITW Co.

Map1260 Calle Suerte
Camarillo, CA 93012
United States
Phone: +1 805-499-0335
Fax: +1 805-499-8108
Opto Diode Corporation (Camarillo, CA), an ITW Company, delivers industry-leading sensors, photodiodes, IR detectors, photonic modules, assemblies, and LEDs. Available in standard and custom designs, Opto Diode products have earned a reputation for high performance, superior quality and reliability for over 30 years. Opto Diode offers advanced performance sensors from the extreme ultraviolet (EUV) to the mid-infrared (mid-IR). Our products provide unparalleled high-energy particle, electron, X-ray, and UV detection along with superior sensitivity to discriminate trace gases or detect heat, sparks, or flames in the mid-IR spectrum. Other products include high performance LEDs with radiometric emissions from 365 to 940 nm and IR emitters covering 1 to 10 µm.

Opto Diode serves a variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, biotechnology, food processing, medical, military/defense, industrial, semiconductor equipment manufacturing, and test & measurement. Our manufacturing process is in a cleanroom environment, from start to finish. Opto Diode’s domestic U.S. facility is optimized for design and manufacturing with an on-site wafer fabrication, class 1,000 to class 10,000 clean rooms, extensive assembly capabilities and packaging expertise. From prototyping to high-volume production, we manufacture wafers-to-components then package and assemble photonic modules-to-optoelectronic sub-systems. For more information, visit

Opto Diode photodiodes

Opto Diode offers a wide range of high-quality standard and custom photodiodes, featuring low capacitance and low dark current. Ideal for general purpose applications, the silicon (Si) detectors are also used in laser monitoring, measuring photons, electrons, or X-rays, position sensing, and for sun and rain detection tasks. Ask about our new directly-deposited thin-film filter photodiodes for extreme UV detection in scientific applications. Photodiodes manufactured at Opto Diode’s domestic U.S. facility operate from the deep-ultraviolet (UV) to the near-infrared (NIR).

leds from opto diode

Our best-in-class, LEDs are specially designed for applications that require hermetically-sealed, rugged packaging that can withstand extreme temperatures. Choose from our visible LEDs, our high-output visible LEDS in red or blue with narrow beam angles, our near-infrared LEDs in narrow, medium or wide light patterns, or our high-power near-IR LEDs for night vision and surveillance tasks. Other applications include medical, automotive, scientific, commercial, imaging, aerospace, and other demanding military and industrial tasks.

ir detectors from opto diode

Infrared (IR) Detectors
High performance infrared detectors from Opto Diode are available with a wide variety of active area sizes, packaging, lenses, windows, cooling alternatives, and filter options. Applications for the infrared detectors include gas analysis, spectroscopy, process control, emissions monitoring, and flame and fire monitoring. Opto Diode’s A Series of lead sulfide (PbS) detectors offer the highest sensitivity in the 1µm to 3µm spectral region. The B Series lead selenide (PbSe) detectors deliver the best overall performance in the 1µm to 5µm wavelength region. Our multichannel devices (MCDs) are ideally suited for the simultaneous detection of multiple gases, including CO, CO2, and other hydrocarbons.
Established: 1981
Employees: 60
Ownership type: Publicly Traded Stock
Stan Duda, Sales Manager

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