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Optometrics Corp.

Optometrics Corp.
Unit of Omega Optical Holdings

Map521 Great Rd.
Suite #1
Littleton, MA 01460
United States
Phone: +1 978-772-1700
Fax: +1 978-772-0017
Optometrics is an ISO 9001:2015 certified, ITAR registered, lean optical components and optical subassembly manufacturing company committed to supplying its customers with high quality, cost competitive products and services. Operating out of a modern engineering and manufacturing facility specifically built for precision optical fabrication, system assembly and testing, Optometrics’ technology portfolio provides key wavelength selection solutions within the many industries it serves.
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Optometrics maintains several modern master diffraction grating production laboratories, producing both interferometrically controlled classically ruled and holographic master diffraction gratings designed to optimize instrument performance. We have over 400 standard replication masters.

Optometrics also supports new OEM customers in need of regenerating less efficient grating replication masters, resulting in improved quality, manufacturing efficiencies, and lower costs. Types of diffraction gratings produced include reflective, transmissive, planar, concave and convex. Many OEM’s further benefit from Optometrics’ related products, pre-aligned spectrometer subassemblies and precision optical replication expertise for critical mirror surfaces.

A large assortment of off-the-shelf and custom optical filters and coatings are available, produced using the latest hard ion-assisted deposition technology, along with traditional techniques which provide highly cost effective solutions.

Optometrics’ core technologies of mechanical ruling of diffraction gratings, holographic recording of diffraction gratings, photolithography and optical thin-film coatings have also positioned the company as a leading supplier of patterned optical coatings, polka-dot beamsplitters, wire grid polarizers, and specialty mirrors and reticles.

Mini-Chrom monochromators are a family of compact, in-line Fastie-Ebert monochromators with a 74mm focal length and operating ranges extending from 190nm – 2200nm. With more than 30,000 sold, the Mini-Chrom line of monochromators is an affordable and reliable workhorse for a wide variety of applications:
  • General spectroscopy
  • Academic, scientific and clinical research
  • Clinical chemistry analyzers
  • HPLC detectors
  • Industrial process analyzers
  • UV-VIS-NIR spectrophotometers
  • OEM system integration
Replicated Mirrors Mini-chrom-monochromators Wire-Grid-Polarizers diffraction gratings              
Established: 1967
Employees: 48
Facility area (sq ft): 14,000
Ownership type: Publicly Traded Stock
Dave Montgomery, VP Business Development
Dave Ventola, Engineering Manager

Company News
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