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Princeton Scientific Corporation

Map3201 Highfield Dr.
Suite H
Bethlehem, PA 18020
United States
Phone: +1 609-924-3011
Fax: +1 609-924-3018
Princeton Scientific metal-ceramic bondsPrinceton Scientific Corporation is a leading global supplier of pure element crystals and substrates, as well as common alloys to research and industry. We supply high-purity materials, including metal single crystals, oxidic single crystals, substrate single crystals, substrate single crystals for III-V nitrides, the highest purity materials in the form of wires, foils, powders, etc. Sputtering targets, semiconductor single crystals, evaporation materials, laser crystals and laser components, non-linear optical (NLO) crystals and wire saws are also supplied to scientists, engineers, and industrial manufacturers.

At the forefront of new and innovative technologies, Princeton Scientific Corporation supplies precision scientific equipment, such as our WS-Series Wire Saws, Particle Beam and Line Diagnostics, and our HPT-series and Cirrus, Nimbus atmospheric and Nebula plasma treatment systems for cleaning, surface activation, etching, and coating.

Princeton Scientific plasma technology Princeton Scientific wire saw
Established: 1991
Ownership type: Woman Owned
Magdalena Banko, President

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