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DaVinci 2K

  • Model: DaVinci 2K
  • Company: SciMeasure Analytical Systems Inc.
  • Type: CMOS
  • Max. Resolution: 4MP
  • Sensor Width (pixels): 2048
  • Sensor Height (pixels): 2048
  • Scan Type & Rate: Area
  • Frames (fps) at Max. Res.: 200
  • Interface: Camera Link
  • Color/Mono.: Monochrome
  • Spectral Range: VIS
  • Applications: Scientific Research

200fps NDR, 100fps CDS at 2048x2048
400fps NDR, 200fps CDS at 2048x1024
1600fps NDR, 800fps CDS at 2048x256
2500fps NDR, 1000fps CDS at 2048x180 and more
Unique on-chip binning
2.8e- read noise without pixel correction
65% without distorting micro-lenses
Single A-D per channel, no dual-A-D stitching
Double the maximum speed with over-sampling
DaVinci 2K

SciMeasure Analytical Systems Inc.
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Decatur, GA 30030
United States
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