HNü 512

  • Model: HNü 512
  • Company: Nuvu Cameras
  • Type: EMCCD
  • Max. Resolution: 16MP
  • Sensor Width (pixels): 512
  • Sensor Height (pixels): 512
  • Interface: GigE, Camera Link
  • Spectral Range: VIS, NIR
  • Applications: Biomedical/Medical, Military, Scientific Research, Other
  • Electron Multiplying Gain: 1-5000
  • Cooling Temperature: -90°C via liquid cooling; -85°C via air cooling
  • Quantum Efficiency: >90% at 600 nm

Lowt clock induced charges level (CIC) results in high SNR
Patented technology for true photon counting
High horizontal charge transfer efficiency
mROI and crop mode feature allows users to either select multiple customizable regions of interest on the detector or select a particular region by masking part of the detector. Both modes increase acquisition rates and flexibility.
HNü 512

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