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C-Fiber 780

  • Company: Menlo Systems Inc.
  • Type: Fiber
  • Max. Power: 250mW
  • Classification (IEC): Class 3B
  • Wavelength: 780nm
  • Wavelength - Tunable?: No
  • Operating Mode: Pulsed
  • Max. Pulse Rate: 250MHz
  • Max. Pulse Energy: 2.5nJ
  • Pulse Length: 100fs
  • Q-Switchable?: No
  • Active Laser Medium: erbium
  • Applications: Biomedical/Medical, Industrial, Scientific Research, Other
  • Repetiton rate with VARIO: 50-250 MHZ
  • Rep. rate instability: <1 ppm over 20 h
  • Timing jitter: <2 fs rms [10 kHz,10 MHz]
  • Output port: free space
  • Polarization: linear, s-polarized
  • Beam height: 75 mm

Femtosecond Erbium Laser with second harmonic generation based on Menlo Systems' "figure-9" techlology for highest stability and reliability. Auxiliary free space output port at 1560 nm, >500 mW, up to 4 additional fiber-coupled seed output ports.
C-Fiber 780

Menlo Systems Inc.
6205 Lookout Rd.
Unit D
Boulder, CO 80301
United States
Phone: +1 303-635-6406
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