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MIRcat-QT Broadly-Tunable Mid-IR Laser

  • Company: DRS Daylight Solutions Inc.
  • Type: Semiconductor
  • Max. Power: 1W
  • Classification (IEC): Class 3B
  • Wavelength: 3000nm - 13000nm
  • Wavelength - Tunable?: Yes
  • Operating Mode: Continuous, Pulsed
  • Max. Pulse Rate: 3MHz
  • Max. Pulse Energy: 1µJ
  • Pulse Length: 1µs
  • Beam Diam.: 2.5mm
  • Beam Diverg.: 4mrad
  • TEM: 00
  • Q-Switchable?: No
  • Applications: Biomedical/Medical, Communications, Industrial, Military, Remote Sensing, Scientific Research, Spectroscopy, Other
  • Tuning Speed: ≤ 5000 cm^-1/s
  • Spectral Repeatability: as low as 0.1cm^-1
  • Pulsed Duty Cycle: up ro 30%
  • CW RIN (0.1-1MHz): as low as -145 dBc/Hz

Hundreds of wavenumbers of high-speed tuning across the mid-infrared spectral region from a single laser system, with CW or CW/pulsed output options. Excellent spectral repeatability and new ultraquiet CW mode enables high SNR in all mid-IR spectroscopy applications.
MIRcat-QT Broadly-Tunable Mid-IR Laser

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