PROdigii Digital Laser

  • Model: PROdigii Digital Laser
  • Company: ProPhotonix Ltd.
  • Type: Diode
  • Max. Power: 100mW
  • Wavelength: 375nm - 940nm
  • Operating Mode: Continuous, Pulsed
  • Applications: Biomedical/Medical, Industrial, Information Processing, Machining, Remote Sensing, Scientific Research, Other

The PROdigii digital laser from ProPhotonix is designed to deliver outstanding wavelength stability and thermal management in the most challenging operating environments. It incorporates superior thermal management ensuring exceptional output wavelength stabilization, enhancing laser diode life through superior output power control and consistent power levels.

Available in a range of wavelengths from 375 to 940nm with user-defined output power profiles up to 500mW, this high-performance laser diode module is well suited for high-speed, precise image capture. The digital laser module can be configured as a uniform line generator for 3D measurement applications and with a focused elliptical output beam for analytical, spectroscopic, or high-precision alignment applications. It is also suitable for chemical and biomedical analysis, high speed automated inspection, robotics and gesture recognition, lidar and UV curing applications.
PROdigii Digital Laser

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