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  • Model: PhoxX+
  • Company: Omicron-Laserage Laserprodukte GmbH
  • Type: Diode
  • Max. Power: 300mW
  • Wavelength: 375nm - 830nm
  • Wavelength - Tunable?: No
  • Operating Mode: Continuous
  • Beam Diam.: 1.25mm
  • TEM: 00
  • Applications: Biomedical/Medical, Industrial

Full ON/OFF DeepstarĀ® with >180 MHz digital modulation bandwitdh at a compact design. Can be modulated with >25 MHz analog intensity modulation. A broad variety of wavelengths and single-mode emission cover a wide range of applications. Easy integration into existing or future designs. The USB2.0 and RS-232 interface allow deep integration of the lasers into the applications process.

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