Biconvex Lenses

  • Model: Biconvex Lenses
  • Company: Lambda Research Optics Inc. (USA)
  • Type: Lenses
  • Diameter / Dimension: 10mm - 101.6mm
  • Lens Category: Spherical Lens
  • Surface Flatness: < λ / 10 @ 633nm
  • Surface Quality: < 10/5
  • Centration Error: ≤ 3 arc min

These biconvex lenses are useful for a wide range of finite conjugate or illumination applications. Lenses are manufactured from BK7A or fused silica. The lenses are supplied uncoated but antireflection coatings are available. They may be combined with other lenses to form complex imaging systems.
Biconvex Lenses

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