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Broadband 50:50 Plate Beamsplitters

  • Model: Broadband 50:50 Plate Beamsplitters
  • Company: Lambda Research Optics Inc. (USA)
  • Type: Beamsplitters
  • Diameter / Dimension: 25.4mm - 76.2mm
  • Beamsplitter Category: Plate Beamsplitter
  • Surface Quality: < 10 / 5
  • T and Rave: 50% ± 5%
  • Diff, S-Pol & P-Pol: ≤ 30%

Intended for use with broadband or multispectral sources. Have a flat performance with a controlled equal split ratio. The s and p components are separated by up to 30 percent and in combination they provide an average transmittance and reflectance close to 50 perent. Absorption and reflection losses are minimal.
Broadband 50:50 Plate Beamsplitters

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