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CaF2 Windows

  • Model: CaF2 Windows
  • Company: Alkor Technologies
  • Type: Windows
  • Diameter / Dimension: 3mm - 180mm
  • Applications: Biomedical/Medical, Industrial, Scientific Research, Other
  • S/D: 40/20
  • Flatness: λ/5
  • Parallelism: 3'

CaF2 windows are ideal for applications ranging from 167 nm thru 10 µm. CaF2 windows are made out of excimer-, UV-, IR-, or Raman-grade calcium fluoride. Custom sizes and specifications of CaF2 windows, drilled CaF2 windows, rectangular CaF2 windows are available. We offer from CaF2 crystal growth to polished CaF2 windows.
CaF2 Windows

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