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Custom Glass Wafers

  • Model: Custom Glass Wafers
  • Company: Sydor Optics Inc.
  • Type: Wafers
  • Diameter / Dimension: 0mm - 450mm
  • Applications: Astronomy, Biomedical/Medical, Communications, Industrial, Military, Scientific Research, Other
  • Thickness: ≥ 0.1mm
  • Thickness Tolerance: ± 0.003mm
  • Bow / Warp: ≥ 3µm
  • TTV: ≤ 1µm

Fused Quartz Wafers
Fused Silica Wafers
BOROFLOAT® (Borosilicate) Wafers
B 270® Wafers; N-BK7® (S-BSL7) Wafers
Pyrex® Wafers (now BOROFLOAT®)
ULE Wafers
Silicon Wafers.
Wafer bevels, SEMI flats/notches are available. Custom laser marking and cutting capabilities.
Custom Glass Wafers

Sydor Optics Inc.
31 Jetview Dr.
Rochester, NY 14624
United States
Phone: +1 585-271-7300
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