Micro Objective

  • Model: Micro Objective
  • Company: Rainbow Optics Co.
  • Type: Lenses
  • Lens Category: Other
  • Applications: Biomedical/Medical, Industrial, Scientific Research
  • Power: 50X x 0.90 NA
  • Weight: 3.0 g (0.11 oz)
  • Object Distance: 0.6 mm (0.02 in)

The ultra small size, light weight and high NA makes this objective especially useful for scanning images and focusing or condensing applications in biotech, fluorescence spectroscopy and laser fiber delivery systems.
Optical system is a six lens achromat. All aberrations corrected for infinite conjugate.
Size: 12.7 mm dia x 13.5 mm long (0.5 in x 0.53 in)
Resolving power on-axis is less than 1.0 µm
Micro Objective

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