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Optical Large Size Windows

  • Company: Optics & Allied Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
  • Type: Lenses
  • Diameter / Dimension: 7mm - 450mm
  • Lens Category: Aspherical Lens
  • Applications: Military
  • Glass Substrate: Soda-Lime Tempered Borofloat, Borosilicate
  • Humidity: Adhesion. Abrasion Resistance
  • Max. Operating Temp.: Soda-Lime: 150 °C, Tempered: 250 °C & Borofloat: 450 °C
  • Standard Thickness: 1.10 mm
  • Optional Thickness: 0.55 mm, 1.86 mm & 2.86 mm
  • Cutting Tolerance: ± 0.1 mm

Specializes in infrared optics, visible optics, diamond-turned IR optics, off axis mirrors, flat mirrors, thin film coatings, ITO coating, EMI shielding coating, achromats, prisms, optical windows from 10 mm - 900 mm. Optomechanical mounts, subassemblies, laser optics, material used: Ge, Is, ZnS, Caf2, Chalcogenide, fused silica, Zerodur, Sapphire, NBK-7.
Optical Large Size Windows

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