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Precision Manufactured Sapphire Balls

  • Company: Meller Optics Inc.
  • Type: Lenses
  • Diameter / Dimension: 0.15mm - 12mm
  • Lens Category: Spherical Lens
  • Applications: Biomedical/Medical, Industrial, Military, Scientific Research, Other
  • Material: Single crystal sapphire
  • Sphericity: 0.000025″
  • Basic Diameter Tolerance: +/-0.0001″
  • Surface Quality: Ra < 0.01 µm
  • Sphericity (METRIC): 0.000625mm
  • Basic D Tolerance(METRIC): +/- 0.00250mm

Precision manufactured sapphire balls are inventoried in a wide variety of sizes. These spheres are manufactured to A.F.B.M.A. Grade 25 standards and are also available in Ruby for enhanced visibility. The basic diameter tolerance is +/- 0.0001″ with a tolerance of 0.00005″ on spheres from the same lot. They can also be ground and polished to make an inexpensive plano-convex lens.
Precision Manufactured Sapphire Balls

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