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Sapphire Protective Window

  • Company: Luxium Solutions
  • Type: Windows
  • Transmission: UV through midwave IR
  • Spectral Emittance: 0.1 (1600°C)
  • Spectral Absorption: 0.1 – 0.2cm-1 (0.66 μm, 1600°C)
  • Hardness: 9 on Mohs scale (20-25°C)
  • Thermal Conductivity: 0.1 W/cm°K (1000°C)
  • Temp Coeffecient RI: 13X10-6/°C(visible range)

Sapphire can transmit ultraviolet, visible and infrared light as well as microwaves. It is virtually scratch-proof, chemically inert and easily withstands harsh chemicals such as fluorine plasma and other industrial gasses and fluids, with no particle generation and due to its purity and transparency, it can be used as a viewing window in high pressure and vacuum applications, such as aerospace.
Sapphire Protective Window

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