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Focal- πShaper

  • Model: Focal- πShaper
  • Company: AdlOptica GmbH
  • Type: Other
  • Type: Laser Beam Shaper For Focused Beams
  • Input Beam: TEM00 (Single Mode)
  • Output Beam: Airy Disk
  • Spectra: UV, Visible, Near-IR, Mid-IR
  • Profiles: Flat-Top, Donut, "Inverse-Gauss"
  • Alignment: Built-in

Beam Shaper, refractive, lossless transforming Gaussian beam to the beam with Airy disk profile to get Flat-top or Donut focused spots with minimized side-lobes

- 3D Printing (Selective Laser Melting)
- Micromachining
- Drilling
- Scribing
- Microwelding
- Solar Cell processing
- Cutting
- Dicing
- Laser polishing
Focal- πShaper

AdlOptica GmbH
Rudower Chaussee 29
12489 Berlin
Phone: +49 30 5659 0888 0
Fax: +49 30 5659 0888 1
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