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LiTaO3 Multi Channel Pyroelectric Detectors

  • Model: LiTaO3 Multi Channel Pyroelectric Detectors
  • Company: Laser Components USA Inc.
  • Type: Other
  • Light Spectrum: UV, VIS, NIR, SWIR, MWIR, LWIR
  • Detector Type: Pyroelectric
  • Spectral Range: from UV to LWIR

The L1X/2X series of pyroelectric detectors are a collection of multi-channel LiTaO3 devices operating in current mode with an integrated Op-Amp.
- Mostly used for gas analysis. Aside from a reference filter, each measurement channel is tuned to a gas absorption line by integrating a bandpass filter.
- Non-contact temperature measurement
- Moisture monitoring
LiTaO3 Multi Channel Pyroelectric Detectors

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