TT-HUD™ Head-Up Display Test Software

  • Model: TT-HUD™ Head-Up Display Test Software
  • Company: Radiant Vision Systems, Test & Measurement
  • Type: Test and Measurement
  • Software Compatibility: Windows
  • Test Sequencing: Y
  • Pass/Fail Inspection: Y
  • Camera: ProMetric Imaging System
  • Lens: Autofocus Electronic
  • Output: Luminance, Chromaticity
  • Dimensional Inspection: Ghosting, Warping

The TT-HUD™ Software provides a test suite to efficiently perform light, color, and dimensional measurements used to evaluate the quality of augmented projections, such as those emitted by head-up display (HUD) systems.

The TT-HUD software module includes:

• Light Measurement
Luminance, chromaticity, contrast, uniformity

• Spatial Defects
Distortion, ghosting, MTF, position
TT-HUD™ Head-Up Display Test Software

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