Model 2035 Double Monochromator

  • Model: Model 2035 Double Monochromator
  • Company: McPHERSON
  • Type: Benchtop
  • Measurement Techniques: Absorption, Emission, Fluorescence, Reflectance and Transmission, Inelastic Scattering, Raman, Other
  • Spectral Range (nm): 185 - 20000
  • Max. Resolution (nm): 0.03
  • Width: 65cm
  • Length: 40cm
  • Height: 43cm
  • Weight (kg): 45
  • Applications: Defense, Environmental Monitoring, Light Characterization, Materials Identification, Scientific Research, Other
  • Optic Design: Czerny-Turner Double
  • Focal Length: 350±350 mm
  • Spectral Resolution: ≤0.05 nm
  • Lambda Reproducibility: ≤0.005 nm

For additive or subtractive operation with f/4.8 high throughput optics, high efficiency coatings, precision micrometer adjustable slits, and gratings that rotate about their apex. Optically and mechanically coupled Czerny-Turner spectrometers equipped with ruled or holographic gratings. All first surface optical system suitable for UV and (resonance) Raman systems.
Model 2035 Double Monochromator

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