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Optical Spectrum Analyzer

  • Company: Thorlabs Inc.
  • Type: Benchtop
  • Measurement Techniques: Other
  • Spectral Range (nm): 1000 - 5600
  • Width: 541mm
  • Length: 532.6mm
  • Height: 224.1mm
  • Weight (kg): 26.5
  • Applications: Defense, Light Characterization, Materials Identification, Scientific Research, Semiconductor, Other
  • Spectral Resolution: 1.9 GHz
  • Spectral Accuracy: ±0.2 ppm
  • Input Power (Max.): 10 mW (10 dBm)
  • Operating Temperature: 10 °C to 40 °C
  • Free-Space Window: Uncoated CaF2
  • Wavelength Range: 1.0 - 5.6 µm

Thorlabs' Optical Spectrum Analyzers (OSAs) perform highly accurate spectral measurements. Compatible with fiber-coupled and free-space light sources, these benchtop instruments suit a wide variety of applications, such as analyzing the spectrum of a telecom signal, resolving the Fabry-Perot modes of a gain chip, and identifying gas absorption lines. Our high-performance Redstone® series instruments have a high dynamic range and high resolution.

Our optical spectrum analyzers acquire the spectrum via Fourier transform, using a scanning Michelson interferometer. This approach enables a high-precision Wavelength Meter mode with seven significant figures and ±1 part-per-million (ppm) spectral precision, allows robust statistical analysis of the acquired spectra, and provides broadband spectral measurements with every scan. Each Redstone OSA includes a frequency-locked 1532.8323 nm reference laser, resulting in a spectral accuracy down to ±0.2 ppm.
Optical Spectrum Analyzer

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