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SV 100 Spectrocolorimeter

  • Company: Tintometer Inc.
  • Type: Portable
  • Measurement Techniques: Reflectance and Transmission
  • Width: 400mm
  • Length: 305mm
  • Height: 115mm
  • Weight (kg): 2
  • Applications: Biomedical/Medical, Environmental Monitoring, Scientific Research, Other
  • Measurement Time: 1.8 sec
  • Measuring Area: 4 & 8 mm
  • Standards/Sample Storage: 30/350
  • Illuminant/Observer: D65&A(10)

An easy to use, portable spectrocolorimeter for quick and accurate reporting of any possible deviations of color against your defined color scale. Up to 350 sample measurements can be stored on the device and compared to reference standards.
The SV 100 holder provides even more flexibility enabling the measuring of samples of food, powders, cosmetics, and pastes.
Testing: ASTM D7843, CIE 94, CIE L*a*b, CMC Tolerancing.
SV 100 Spectrocolorimeter

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