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1570nm 15km Laser Rangefinder Module

  • Company: Lumispot Tech
  • Type: Solid-State
  • Max. Power: 100W
  • Wavelength: 1565nm - 1575nm
  • Operating Mode: Continuous
  • Beam Diverg.: 1mrad
  • Applications: Industrial, Metrology, Remote Sensing, Scientific Research
  • Ranging Distance: ≥15km
  • Ranging Frequency: 1-5Hz (ADJ)
  • Ranging Accuracy: ≤5m (RMS)
  • Range Resolution: ≤50m (Nulti Targets)
  • Weight: ≤ 1300g
  • Dimension: ≤ 180*64*108mm

The rangefinders from LumiSpot Tech are based on a fully self-developed 1570nm OPO laser, protected by patents and intellectual property rights. The product is for single pulse rangefinder, cost-effective and can be adapted to various platforms. The main functions are: single pulse rangefinder and continuous rangefinder, distance selection, front and rear target display and self-test function.
1570nm 15km Laser Rangefinder Module

Lumispot Tech
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