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AR (Anti-reflective) Coatings

AR Coatings (Antireflective or Anti-reflective coatings) are deposited onto optical surfaces to reduce specular reflectivity and improve contrast. AR coating designs are optimized to create destructive interference with respect to the reflected light. This design approach will allow the maximum amount of light transmission without compromising image quality. ECI deposits precise low loss Anti-Reflection coatings with exceptional environmental stability. AR Coatings can be optimized for narrow, broadband, and high damage threshold applications. The performance of an AR coating will vary depending on the bandwidth and angle of incidence (AOI).

ECI can typically achieve front surface reflection less than 0.03% for a narrowband AR coating at near normal incidence. AR coatings optimized for wider bandwidths will display a higher maximum reflection. A typical Broadband AR coating (BBAR) on glass will have a maximum reflection of less than 0.5% with a typical average reflection of 0.25%. Evaporated Coatings Inc. offers AR coatings for a variety of substrate materials and configurations, including glass, plastic, fibers optic components, and semiconductor materials through the use of Ion Assisted Deposition (IAD) and Ion Beam Sputtering (IBS) processes.

ECI will design and deposit a custom anti-reflection (AR) coating for your specific optical component or application. If you are not sure how to specify your coating, our design team will work with you to identify the optimum design for your system.
AR (Anti-reflective) Coatings

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