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BBO Crystals for Spontaneous Parametric Down Conversion

  • Company: Thorlabs Inc.
  • Type: Other
  • Applications: Communications, Scientific Research
  • Pump Wavelength: 405 nm
  • Signal/Idler λ: 810 nm
  • Optic Axis Angle: 29.2° ± 0.5°
  • Application: Type-I SPDC
  • AR Coating: R<0.5% @ 405 & 810 nm
  • Crystal Thickness: 1.00 mm

These β-BBO crystals are designed to produce 810 nm Type-I SPDC emission from an input beam with a center wavelength of 405 nm. They are available with thicknesses of 1.00, 2.00, or 3.00 mm and feature an AR coating to reduce surface reflections over the pump, signal, and idler wavelength ranges. These mounted crystals can be pumped with nanosecond lasers, the frequency doubled output of Ti:sapphire lasers, or a 405 nm diode laser.
BBO Crystals for Spontaneous Parametric Down Conversion

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