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BeamMap2 series

  • Company: DataRay Inc.
  • Type: Scanning Slit
  • Wavelength Range: 650190nm - 1800nm
  • Max. Beam Diameter: 4mm
  • Compatible Sources: CW
  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • Maximum Power & Irradiance: 1 W Total & 0.5 mW/µm²
  • Gain Range: 1,000:1 Switched 4,096:1 ADC range
  • Update Rate: ~5 Hz

Multiple plane spacing options available. Please consult before choosing plane spacing. Beam diameters 5 µm to 4 mm, to 2 µm in Knife Edge mode*, 0.1 µm sampling and resolution
Linear & log X-Y profiles, centroid
Profile zoom & slit width compensation, Real-time multiple Z plane scanning slit system, Real-time XYZ profiles, Focus position, Real-time M², Divergence, Collimation, Alignment
BeamMap2 series

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