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CCL Cold Mirror

  • Company: Coursen Coating Labs Inc.
  • Type: Mirror Coatings
  • Mirror Coating - Category: Cold
  • Mirror Coating - Reflectance (Min. %): 96
  • Applications: Astronomy, Communications, Scientific Research, Other
  • AOI: 45°
  • R AVG 450 - 650 nm: 96% min.
  • T AVG 800 - 1200 nm: 95% min.

These dichroic visual reflectors are generally used at a 45 degree angle to deliver visible light in the 425 to 650 nm spectrum to film in a projector, and transmit the infrared energy to a heat sink. Type HECM is designed for use with large xenon lamps.
CCL Cold Mirror

Coursen Coating Labs Inc.
2925 College Ave., Unit A-1
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
United States
Phone: +1 714-585-4172
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