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D200 Nanosecond Laser Diode Driver

  • Company: Highland Technology Inc.
  • Type: Power Supplies
  • Output Drive: 0 to 4 amps, up to +9V
  • Insertion Delay: as low as 5ns
  • Rise / Fall Time: 2ns, nom
  • Pulse Width Adj. Range: 5ns to 1us, 3 ranges
  • Frequency (PRR): DC-coupled, up to 100MHz
  • Jitter: as low as 15ps, typ

The D200 is a compact, DC-coupled fast laser driver, providing up to 4 amps. A built-in edge-triggered pulse generator produces up to 1 microsecond pulse widths and 2 nanosecond transition times. Capable of driving lasers with forward voltages up to +9 volts. A pulse-follower mode accommodates externally-defined trigger widths up to DC. A ribbon header permits parameter adjustments for OEM use.

Highland Technology manufactures a range of laser diode pulse drivers, suitable for gain-switching and nanosecond pulsing laser diodes. Typical applications include laser diode testing, pumping fiber, fluorescent decay research, LiDAR and laser-based material processing. Made in USA.
D200 Nanosecond Laser Diode Driver

Highland Technology Inc.
650 Potrero Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94110
United States
Phone: +1 415-551-1700
Fax: +1 415-551-5129
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