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Dove Prism

  • Company: ECOPTIK (Changchun) Ltd.
  • Type: Prisms & Wedges
  • Diameter / Dimension: 5mm
  • Applications: Astronomy, Biomedical/Medical, Communications, Industrial, Military, Scientific Research, Other
  • Material: BK7 glass / Fused Silica
  • Dimension Tolerance: + 0.0 / -0.2 mm
  • Deviation: 3 arcmin
  • Flatness: λ/2 @ 632.8 nm
  • Clear Aperture: >85%
  • Surface Quality: 60/40, 40/20

Dove prisms have an unusual and very interesting characteristic, if you look through the prism and rotate it around a longitudinal axis, the image rotates through twice the angle through which the dove prism itself rotates. For optimal performance, use dove prisms with collimated light.
Dove Prism

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