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EFAM / Alignment Autocollimator Motorized

  • Company: OEG GmbH
  • Type: System
  • Focus range: ∞ to 350mm & -600mm to -∞
  • Resolution: >100 l/mm, OD >350 mm
  • Alignment uncertainty: < ±5 µm

EFAM is an alignment autocollimator with motorized internal focusing. The measured values are recorded using a camera and an image processing system.
Application areas:
-Alignment telescope
-Reading telescope
-Sensor technology for centring devices (centring turning, cementing of lenses)
-Aids for adjusting angled optical systems
EFAM / Alignment Autocollimator Motorized

Wildbahn 8i
15236 Frankfurt, Brandenburg
Phone: +49 335 5213 894
Fax: +49 335 5213 896
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