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Garnet Crystals and Substrates

  • Company: Luxium Solutions
  • Type: Substrates
  • GGG Lattice Parameter: 12.383 A +/- 0.001
  • SGGG Lattice Parameter: 12.497 A +/- 0.003
  • NGG Lattice Parameter: 12.509 A +/- 0.001
  • GGG Composition: Gd3Ga5O12
  • SGGG Composition: Substituted GGG
  • NGG Composition: Nd3Ga5O12

The lattice parameter of our crystals is well controlled and the surface polish finishing is of the highest quality, allowing a perfect epitaxy.
We can provide unique pieces as well as thousands of wafers.
* Diameters up to 4" (100mm).
* Special configurations and shapes (squares, rectangles, etc..) are available on request.
* Substrates polished surface is of high quality and ready for epitaxy.
Garnet Crystals and Substrates

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