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  • Company: CAEN Spa
  • Type: Equipment
  • Resolution (bit): 16
  • Resolution (keV): 0.61 keV @ 122 keV, 1.63 keV @ 1332 keV
  • Dead-Time Correction error: < 5% on the net area of a static reference source offended by a variable rate source ranging from 1 to 100 Kcps (at fixed Live Time Preset)
  • DNL: < ±1%
  • INL: 0.05% over the 99% FSR

Hexagon is a stand-alone, single or dual digital 32k MCA, integrating input stage for the signal conditioning, fast analog-to-digital converter, digital processing algorithms, HV and preamplifier power supply in a compact desktop form factor. The instrument is suitable for high energy resolution semiconductor detectors, (HPGe, Silicon, CZT, but also for scintillation detectors as Nal and LaBr3.

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