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ICL-based and QCL-based External Cavities

  • Company: Alpes Lasers SA
  • Type: Semiconductor
  • Max. Power: 75mW
  • Classification (IEC): Class 3B
  • Wavelength: 3.2µm - 13.7µm
  • Wavelength - Tunable?: Yes
  • Operating Mode: Pulsed
  • Max. Pulse Rate: 1MHz
  • Max. Pulse Energy: 37.5nJ
  • Pulse Length: 500ns
  • Beam Diam.: 4mm
  • Beam Diverg.: 6mrad
  • TEM: 00
  • Q-Switchable?: No
  • Applications: Biomedical/Medical, Industrial, Metrology, Military, Remote Sensing, Scientific Research, Spectroscopy

Offers broad gain interband cascade laser (ICL) chips for use in external cavity systems. ICL allow emission in at shorter wavelengths which are particularly interesting for hydrocarbon detection. The initially offered chip covers the range 3.2-3.6 µm (2820-3070 cm-1) which contains interesting absorption lines for CH4, C2H6, HCl, CH2O (formaldehyde).
ICL-based and QCL-based  External Cavities

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