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Correlated Photon Pair Sources

  • Company: Thorlabs Inc.
  • Type: Other
  • Max. Power: 150mW
  • Classification (IEC): Class 1
  • Wavelength: 810nm
  • Applications: Metrology, Scientific Research, Spectroscopy, Other
  • Integrated Pump Laser: 405 nm
  • Photon Bandwidths: ~10 nm
  • Lifetime Pump Emission: >2500 Hours
  • g^(2) (τ = 0): <0.1
  • ηsi (Detector Excluded): >0.45
  • Max Pairs/Second: >450 kHz

Thorlabs' Correlated Photon-Pair Sources use spontaneous parametric down-conversion (SPDC) to generate a pair of photons near 810 nm. Each source is self-contained, features an integrated 405 nm pump laser, and is capable of high-brightness photon-pair generation rates. the SPDC810 source produces output with a wider photon bandwidth of ~10 nm, generates photon pairs at a rate of >450 kHz and has an even higher heralding ratio of 0.45. A zero-time delay second-order correlation function [g^(2) (τ = 0)] value of <0.1 can be achieved with these sources, making them high-brightness heralded single-photon sources ideal for quantum optics applications. For complete performance specifications, please see the Specs tab; note that the heralding ratio, pair rate, and g^(2)(0) values are given for the pump laser operating at 40 mW and the observed statistics will vary with the pump power and detector specifications. Thorlabs also offers the SPDC810N for narrowband source applications.
Correlated Photon Pair Sources

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