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  • Company: HT Laser
  • Type: Solid-State
  • Max. Power: 2.5W
  • Classification (IEC): Class 4
  • Wavelength: 695nm - 1100nm
  • Wavelength - Tunable?: Yes
  • Operating Mode: Continuous
  • TEM: 00
  • Q-Switchable?: No
  • Applications: Biomedical/Medical, Information Processing, Remote Sensing, Scientific Research, Other
  • Scanning Range: > 50 GHz
  • Linewidth: < 0.5 kHz / 0.1 s

Frequency stabilization of the laser output is done with a thermostated high-finesse reference interferometer and special PZT actuators.
The PZT-controlled mirrors allow to avoid using an electro-optical modulator in the frequency stabilization system, which would otherwise complicate the laser design and the electronic control boards and cause additional losses.

HT Laser
Weissdornweg 8
48159 Muenster
Phone: +49 251 23927543
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