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MgO:PPLN Waveguides

  • Company: Covesion Ltd.
  • Type: Wavelength Conversion Devices
  • NLO process: SHG, SPDC
  • Wavelength conversion range: 1530nm to 1570nm
  • Laser pump source: CW or pulsed

Our PPLN waveguides facilitate highly efficient and cost-effective frequency conversion, providing a route to accessing wavelengths that are presently unavailable from commercial laser sources.
Select from our range of PPLN waveguide chips for the highest conversion efficiencies or our packaged PPLN waveguides for instant connectivity and rapid integration.
MgO:PPLN Waveguides

Covesion Ltd.
Unit F3 Adanac North
Adanac Dr., Nursling
Southampton SO16 0BT
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 1794 521638
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