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F-theta Lenses

  • Company: Avantier Inc.
  • Type: Other
  • Applications: Astronomy, Biomedical/Medical, Military
  • Lens Design: Compact design with 3 to 4 elements
  • Transmittance: >90%
  • Distortion (Max.): <0.25%
  • Focal Length: from 63mm to 635mm
  • Custom Optical Coating: UV to visible to infrared
  • Lens Performance: Customized

At Avantier, we produce high-performance custom F-theta lenses tailored for a wide range of clients.

Key Parameters:
Consider the operating wavelength, spot size, and scan field diameter (SFD):
-Operating Wavelength: The specific wavelength of the laser you’ll be using.
-Spot Size: The width of the laser beam.
-Scan Field Diameter (SFD): The diagonal length of the square within which the lens can focus the beam.
Another crucial parameter is the output scan angle (OSA), which is the angle between the normal of the image plane and the output laser beam after it passes through the scan lens. For a telecentric lens, the OSA is always zero; otherwise, it varies slightly across the image field.

Custom F-Theta Lenses
Avantier specializes in custom F-theta lenses for industry, research, and medical applications. Our experienced optical engineers and designers craft high-performance optical components, ensuring each piece meets the highest standards through rigorous testing.
F-theta Lenses

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