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Optics Test Station OTS

Measuring functions of the standard system
• effective focal length
• back focal length
• Flange Focal Length
• radius of curvature

Optional additional measuring functions
• modulation transfer function (MTF)
• centering in transmission
• centering in reflection
• long EFL > 2000 mm
• lens thickness
• refractive index
• deflection of windows
• wedge angle of windows
• 90° angle of prisms

Measuring functions with the
additional Software Lens Test
• air gaps
• lens thickness
• lens radii
• centering / tilt of surfaces

These functions are applicable to assembled optics.

Measuring functions of the special
version for cylindrical lenses
• twist of cylindrical lenses
• symmetry of cylindrical lenses
• wedge angle of cylindrical lenses


• motorized movement of measuring head and test charts
• software controlled measuring functions
• different wave lengths possible
• electronic data acquisition by image processing
• operator independent measuring results
• modular setup
• many measuring functions
• adaptable to different sample-EFL ranges
Optics Test Station OTS

Wildbahn 8i
15236 Frankfurt, Brandenburg
Phone: +49 335 5213 894
Fax: +49 335 5213 896
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