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Quantum Efficiency Measurement for Solar Cell

  • Company: Sciencetech Inc.
  • Type: System
  • Spectral Range (nm): 250-2500
  • Lamp Type: 150 W Xenon
  • Software Included: SciPV Software
  • Bias Light Source: Solar Simulator AAA
  • Source Meter: Keithley 2400
  • Sciencetech Monochomator: 1/4 m Czerny-Turner

The PTS-2-IQE system allows an overall external quantum efficiency value measurement as well as internal quantum efficiency measurements. It includes a bias light and additional electronics and software to seamlessly allow user-friendly measurements.
The PTS-2-IQE measurements:
-IV Testing
-Spectral Response
-External Quantum Efficiency/IPCE
-Internal Quantum Efficiency/IPCE
Quantum Efficiency Measurement for Solar Cell

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