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Precision Constant Current (CW) Laser Diode Driver

  • Company: Evolase Oy
  • Type: Power Supplies
  • LD package on default: 10/14 pin Butterfly
  • Output current: 2000 mA
  • High Current Stability: 0.01 mA
  • High precision temperature stability: 0.01 deg
  • TEC Controller: Y
  • Analog and Digital full current amplitude Modulation: Y

The PLD-CW-2000H-ZIF is a constant current laser diode driver for powering 10/14-pin butterfly laser diode modules for applications, which require high precision low ripple constant current regulation.

The main parameters of PLD-CW-2000H-ZIF are controlled by computer interface.

The driver supports full amplitude modulation of drive current by an external analog 0…5 V and TTL signals.
Precision Constant Current (CW) Laser Diode Driver

Evolase Oy
Kivipolku 1
56100 Ruokolahti
Phone: +358 40 705 4772
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