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Pulse Compression Mirrors

  • Company: OPTOMAN
  • Type: Mirrors
  • Diameter / Dimension: 3mm - 370mm
  • Mirror Category: Flat Mirror
  • Applications: Industrial, Scientific Research
  • Spectral range: 250 - 5000 nm
  • GDD: ≤5000 fs^2
  • Surface flatness: <λ/10
  • Reflectvity: >99.9%

Since pulse compression mirrors are used in ultrafast lasers, they must withstand extreme light intensities. Here, at OPTOSHOP, GTI mirrors, Chirped mirrors and Chirped Mirror Pairs, are made just for that – they feature excellent spectral performance, high LIDT, and precisely controlled Group Delay Dispersion (GDD).

In-stock pulse compression mirrors can be found at OPTOSHOP.
Pulse Compression Mirrors

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