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S400 Laser Engraver

  • Company: GCC America Inc.
  • Type: Gas
  • Max. Power: 120W
  • Classification (IEC): Class 4
  • Wavelength: 10.6µm
  • Active Laser Medium: CO2 & fiber
  • Applications: Industrial, Machining, Other
  • Work Area: 40 × 24 in.
  • Dimensions (W×L×H): 56.7 × 34.5 × 41.3 in.
  • Max. Motor Speed: 140 IPS

Features a high-speed 140-ips DC servo motor for precise and rapid movement of the laser carriage to increase productivity. The new CCD function, a high-resolution camera enables viewers to quickly complete precise engraving and cutting jobs. With a 40-in. × 24-in. extra-large working area, the product possesses high quality while operating at maximum speed.
S400 Laser Engraver

GCC America Inc.
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Walnut, CA 91789
United States
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