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SMARPOD 110.45, hexapod-like

  • Company: SmarAct GmbH
  • Type: Hexapod
  • Applications: Industrial, Scientific Research, Nanopositioning
  • Mass: 400g
  • Height: 45mm
  • X-Axis Range: 20mm
  • Y-Axis Range: 20mm
  • Z-Axis Range: 10mm

The SMARPOD 110.45 is a mid-size hexapod-like positioning system. Because of its larger travel ranges it is extremely versatile. Equipping the base plate with mounting posts for tools, components or sensors, converts the positioning system to a core device for any precise alignment application.
It is also available in a HV and UHV or made out of fully non-magnetic materials.

SmarAct GmbH
Schuette-Lanz-Str. 9
26135 Oldenburg, Lower Saxony
Phone: +49 441 8008 790
Fax: +49 441 8008 7921
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