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Cooled PbSe Detector: B2-8C1T

  • Company: Infrared Materials Inc.
  • Type: IR
  • Light Spectrum: SWIR, MWIR
  • Dark Resistance: 2.5 M Ohm at -25 °C typical
  • Responsivity: 5 × 10^4 V/W typ
  • D*: 2 × 10^10 typ
  • Delta T for TEC: 50 °C
  • Wavelength -peak signal: 4.5 µm

High performance 2x2mm PbSe detector mounted on a 1-stage 2W TE cooler with an uncalibrated 1.2 Kohm thermistor in a TO-8 package with a sapphire window.
Mid-Wave IR Detection with High Sensitivity in the 1-5 µm Band.

Applications: Radiometry, Fire - Flame - Detection, Gas Analysis (CO2, CO, N2O), Pollution Monitoring, NDIR Spectrometry,
Capnometry, Explosive & Toxic Gas Detection, Railway Safety (Hot Box), Non-contact Temperature Measurement.

Best Cost to Performance Value.
Cooled PbSe Detector: B2-8C1T

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