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Photodiode NXIR-RF100C

  • Company: Opto Diode Corporation
  • Type: Photodiodes
  • Light Spectrum: NIR
  • Active Area: 1 mm²
  • Responsivity @850 nm: 0.62 A/W
  • Responsivity @1064 nm: 0.35 A/W
  • Rise Time: 50 nsec, typ.

The red and near-infrared enhanced surface-mount device (SMD) has low capacitance of 3 pico-farads (pF) at 0 V, high shunt resistance, greater than 200 MΩ, and very low dark current at 0.1 nA.
The new SMD expands the company’s popular high-performance, through-hole photodiode packages, allowing designers to reduce space and cost.
Photodiode NXIR-RF100C

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