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Trap-It Beam Dumps

  • Company: Kentek Corporation
  • Type: Temperature Controllers
  • Aperture, Capacity, Cooling: 0.75", 0-50 W, convection
  • Aperture, Capacity, Cooling: 2", 0-50 W, convection
  • Aperture, Capacity, Cooling: 2", 0-1000 W, water-cooled
  • Aperture, Capacity, Cooling: 4", 0-1000 W, water-cooled

These laser beam dumps cover a broad spectrum of laser applications for trapping the laser beam with unparalleled safety. They are available in a variety of sizes in convection or water cooled models, and can be used with any type of laser. An adjustable stand for optical table mounting is also available.
These laser beam dumps utilize a dual cone design to eliminate harmful radiation reflected out of the beam dump, and are available with varying aperture diameters, up to 4".
Manufactured in the USA and designed for maximum performance and life.
Trap-It Beam Dumps

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